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IGTIC has changed top management

Head of the Company’s Board of Directors thanked Ramazan Zhampiisov for impressive achievements

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Ramazan Zhampiisov, the Chairman of the Board of the International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Center (IGTIC) left the Company due to his transfer to another job. The Board of Directors appointed Zhanna Kazzhanova to this position and Yelena Kuanbayeva to the position of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board. The managers had previously worked in the system of public and private management in environmental protection and energy sectors.

The Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors Daniyar Yerenchinov thanked Ramazan Zhampiisov for the work performed, noting that IGTIC was able to achieve impressive results in a short period.

Ramazan Zhampiisov headed IGTIC since September 2019. During this period, the Center has taken a leading position in the international market of green technologies. Within just a few months, with his direct involvement, the organizational structure was completely renewed in accordance with the requirements of international corporate governance, the basis for the transition to the principles of best available techniques (BAT) was laid, and a number of large projects that have no analogues in Kazakhstan so far were implemented.

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In particular, IGTIC has approved the Company's Development Strategy for 2020-2024, the Corporate Governance Code and many other main internal documents of the organization. A basis for systematizing key business processes has been laid with the involvement of international experts. Due to these measures, costs in 2020 have been reduced by more than a third in comparison with 2019; the structure of the management team has been reduced by 60% while keeping the total number of staff members. As a result of optimization of the corporate governance structure, the efficiency of the Center significantly increased.

From December 2019 to June 2020, the Scientific and Technical Council (STC) intensified its activity in 6 areas (Waste Management, Sustainable Energy Resources, Sustainable City - Green Infrastructure, Sustainable Agriculture, Ecology, Environmental Protection, and International Experts). The STC consists of more than 45 prominent scientists, including engineers, deputies of the Mazhilis and the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, statesmen, experienced production specialists, young specialists who had training under the Bolashak program, and business representatives. Agreements on joint activities were concluded with the BAT Bureau of Russia and Belarus; a BAT Technical Committee with 86 active members and 6 Technical Working Groups with 306 active members were established (in such areas as "Fuel combustion at large energy production plants", "Cement and lime manufacture", "Chemical industry", "Oil and Gas Production", "Mining and Metallurgical Industry", "Oil and Gas Processing").

As part of the development of legislative initiatives, in less than a year, proposals on green technologies (incentive measures, mechanisms and definitions) were introduced into the new edition of the Environmental Code, a draft standard on the criteria for determining green technologies was developed and is at the stage of public discussion, threshold values ​​were developed for Green Taxonomy, as well as mechanisms for the application of measures of economic incentives, expertise of green projects and the application of Green Taxonomy by second-tier banks and financial institutions. Also, the development of a project management methodology and rules for maintaining the Register of green technologies has been initiated for the first time in Kazakhstan.

            Jointly with the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the IGTIC-based GreenTech Cluster project was launched, which was included in the draft state program "Digital Kazakhstan", as well as a mechanism for obtaining grant funding for further commercialization of 120 projects together with the Center for Engineering and Technology Transfer. A draft road map "GreenTech Targeted Technological Program" has been developed.

            Due to the effective management and teamwork, the IGTIC has become an international participant in green technology creation and transfer process. As part of the work on the accreditation of the Center in the Green Climate Fund (GCF), a working group was created, local and international consultants were involved in the framework of technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank, the Action Plan for obtaining GCF accreditation was approved. Application for accreditation is scheduled for June 2021. Together with the Renewable Energy Academy RENAC (Germany) and Earth Active (Great Britain), an application was submitted for participation in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development competition "Support for the use of RES and assistance to gender equality in Kazakhstan". Preparations have started for a number of joint projects with UNDP, as well as the Global Clean Technology Innovation Program in Kazakhstan.

As a result of the Center's work in a short period of time since the renewal of the organization's management, there has been a 63-fold (!) increase in financing of projects from extra-budgetary sources in 2020 compared to 2019.

Efficient and competent corporate governance policy has increased public interest in IGTIC activities. Thus, according to Yandex.Metrika, in the first half of 2020, due to openness and transparency of the Center's work, the attendance of the corporate website increased 7 times, the coverage of users in social networks exceeded 60 thousand people. In January-June 2020, the Center organized 10 seminars and webinars on various directions of activity, released 5 video reports, prepared 115 thematic materials.

IGTIC expressed hope that the efficiency of the Center's activity will continue.

IGTIC has changed top management IGTIC has changed top management
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