• Position Information

Position title


Structural unit

Organizational and Administrative Department (OAD)

Functional responsibilities

1)      execution of activities related to the implementation of the State Task Contract that fall within the competence of the OAD;

2)      implementation of activities related to the development and approval of BAT reference books within the competence of the OAD;

3)      participation in the preparation of reports on the work done in accordance with the requirements provided for in the Company's INDs, and in the case of instructions from the supervising head and/or Chairman of the Management Board;

4)      performing the duties of the chief manager of the OAD during his/her absence for a good reason.

5)      development and implementation of effective functioning of the occupational health and safety management system;

6)      ensuring the proper condition in accordance with the rules and standards of industrial sanitation of buildings and premises where the Company's structural divisions are located;

7)      management and monitoring of the state of occupational safety conditions in the Company;

8)      taking measures to eliminate detected inconsistencies with the requirements for occupational safety and health;

9)      development of proposals for improving the organization of work to create healthy and safe working conditions;

Functional subordination of the position (position)

Director of the Department

Management of subordinates (positions, number)

Not expected


  • Requirements for candidates

Education (level, qualification/academic or scientific degree, profile, preferably specify the names of educational institutions)

Higher or postgraduate education in social sciences, Economics and Business/ Education/ Law/ Humanities/ Technical sciences and technologies/ Natural sciences/ Agricultural sciences/ Services/ Security.

Professional experience (duration, field, industries, etc.)

It is desirable to have practical work experience in the professional field / by position profile.

Professional competencies (knowledge, skills)

1)  knowledge of legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan that determine the priority areas of the Company's activities;

2)  knowledge of legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan that regulate the Company's production, economic and financial activities;

3)  skills of working with office programs: Outlook, documentolog, etc.;

4)  skills of creating the Head’s schedule using modern information systems;

5)  skills of conducting and preparing the Company's minutes of meetings (working, operational, staff, etc.);

6)  experience in interaction with external bodies and organizations on issues and projects related to the OAD activity area;

7)  skills in project management, initiation and formation of a portfolio of projects in the supervised area;

8)  skills in developing, monitoring and updating development plans in the supervised areas of activity;

9)  skills in working with big data analysis and development of recommendations;

10)       skills in building business processes in the supervised areas of activity.

11)       analytical skills related to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and national / industry standards.

12)       knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of regulation of the green technology market.

13)       knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of environment, standardization, and certification.

14)       experience in systematization, accounting and maintenance of legal documentation using modern information technologies;

skills of working with the use of modern information technologies.

Personal characteristics

Teamwork, communication skills, learning ability

Level of language proficiency, including the state language (specify which one)

Preferably knowledge of English

Personal computer skills (programs, degree of proficiency)

Confident PC user, knowledge of MS Office, presentations

Planned employment date

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