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  • Senior Expert of the Climate Research Office at the Climate Change Department (hereinafter – CRO CCD)

Senior Expert of the Climate Research Office at the Climate Change Department (hereinafter – CRO CCD)

  • Position information


Functional responsibilities:

Promoting the implementation of national climate policy and measures for adaptation to climate change

1) analyzes the general list of project solutions in the field of climate regulation, climate neutrality, commitment to sustainable development goals and global green economic growth;

2) manages and implements the processes of initiating research projects in the field of climate change;

3) defines the goals and objectives of the project, their relationship with the strategic goals of the Company, the boundaries and scope of the project, including time;

4) develops a Project Summary, a project management plan, including, if necessary, but not limited to, a communications management plan, a stakeholder engagement plan and a risk management plan;

5) determines the stakeholders of the project, the level of their involvement, taking into account the potential impact on the results of the project, draws up maps of stakeholders, if necessary;

6) defines the functional and qualification profile of the project participants;

7) organizes the involvement of project participants corresponding to the established functional portrait;

8) determines the need to attract international experts, interacts with international organizations in order to attract experts;

9) forms a pool of international experts within the project;

10) organizes and implements the process of studying, analyzing and monitoring international experience within the framework of project research, forms proposals for the implementation of international experience;

11) determines the need for changes and initiates changes to the content of the project and project documents, including the Summary of the project and the project management plan;

12) analyzes the risk profile at the stages of the project and organizational and administrative activities of CRO CCD;

13) carries out the execution of the project content, including planned and ongoing tasks defined by the project manager;

14) systematizes and analyzes the information of the content part of the project, its relevance and relevance;

15) initiates official requests for information, if necessary, interacts with third parties in order to obtain information;

16) interacts with government agencies within the framework of the project;

17) develops, together with the CRO CCD team, related information and analytical materials on the field of research (reviews, information certificates, working materials for workshops, presentations, analytics, etc.) for interested parties, including the authorized state body;

18) conducts statistical analysis and data processing within the framework of research;

19) develops drafts of informational, analytical and review articles within the framework of research for publication in the mass media, on the official website of the Company and on the pages of social networks of the Company;

20) analyzes and applies the comments of stakeholders and Society in the course of its activities, as well as participates in the formation of decisions based on the results of the project;

21) provides information support within the competence of the structural divisions of the Company and the authorized body in the field of environmental protection;

22) carries out the interaction of the Company in its functional areas with international organizations and experts with the participation of the ICD;

23) represents the Company at official meetings and relations with government agencies and with third-party organizations, as well as conducts business correspondence with them;

24) develops and ensures the implementation of strategic documents of CRO CCD (the Company's Development Strategy, the Company's Work Plan for the planned year, the Roadmap for the implementation of BP 044 for the planned year) within the competence;

25) participates in the budgeting processes of the planned and ongoing activities of CRO CCD as an administrator of budget programs within the competence;

26) carries out an analysis of the effectiveness of CRO CCD processes.;

27) makes proposals to the head of CRO CCD to improve the efficiency of processes and improve the work of CRO CCD;

28) performs the duties of the Head/ Senior Expert / Seniors Manager of CRO CCD during his absence;

29) performs other assignments of the higher management within the competence.

Functional subordination of the position (position)

Head of the Climate Research Office


Management of subordinates (positions, number)



  • Requirements for candidates


Education (level, qualifications / academic or academic degree, profile, preferably the names of educational institutions)

Higher education in the field of law/ social sciences, economics and business/ natural sciences (ecology)/ technical sciences and technology.


Professional experience (duration, area, industries and more)

Practical work experience in the professional field / in the profile of the position at least 4 year.


Professional competencies (knowledge, abilities, skills)

1) knowledge of legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating activities in the field of environmental protection, technical regulation, standardization and certification, as well as industry legislation defining priority areas of the Company's activities;

2) knowledge of the state programs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international acts ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment;

3) knowledge of environmental and tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

4) knowledge of internal labor regulations, industrial sanitation, fire safety requirements;

5) skills in developing and implementing strategies, policies, concepts and industry programs;

6) experience of interaction with external bodies and organizations on issues and projects related to environmental protection;

7) skills in developing recommendations for improving measures of economic stimulation of companies' activities in the field aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment;

8) skills of working with a large amount of data, analysis and making recommendations;

9) skills in developing proposals and making amendments to legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

10) analytical skills, skills of adaptation of international standards to the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and national/ industry standards;

11) knowledge of corporate governance principles;

12) knowledge of principles and methods of building sustainable development systems;

13) knowledge of English;

14) advanced user of MS Office programs;

15) skills of preparation of presentation materials and analytical materials;

16) knowledge in the field of project management;

17) knowledge in the field of risk management;

18) knowledge in the field of change management;

19) skills of working with the use of modern information technologies.


Personal characteristics

Publication writing skills;

Oral and written communication skills;

Interpersonal and leadership skills;

Ability to analyze and generate reports;

Ability to work with a wealth of information;

Organizational ability;

Effective problem identification and solution skills;

Perfect knowledge of English;

Marketing strategy;

Analysis of the external and internal environment;

Examining stakeholder expectations.

Language proficiency level, including the state language (indicate which one)

fluency in Russian, Kazakh and English languages


Personal computer skills (programs, degree of proficiency):

1)      advanced user of MS Office programs;

2)      skills in preparing presentation materials and analytical materials


Additional Information

A master’s degree is preferred.

Certification in environmental protection, energy-/environmental auditing and environmental management is preferred.

Foreign education will be an advantage.

Project management experience.


send your CV   //www.igtipc.org/hr@igtipc.org">hr@igtipc.org

Senior Expert of the Climate Research Office at the Climate Change Department (hereinafter – CRO CCD) Senior Expert of the Climate Research Office at the Climate Change Department (hereinafter – CRO CCD)
Mangilik El prospect, C1.4 Z00Y4T8 Nur-Sultan Akmola region Kazakhstan