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Green financing mechanisms as a factor in the development of the “green” economy of Kazakhstan

Issues related to the instruments of regulation of the green”  economy, includinggreenpublic procurement, subsidies and other financial instruments were considered during an online webinar organized by the International Center for green technologies and investment projects together with the Regional Association of environmental initiatives "EcoJer".

The discussion was attended by more than 100 representatives of state bodies that undertake the transition to the principles of the best available technologies, such as Samruk-Energo, Kazakhmys, Kazenergy, Tengizchevroil, green development, as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental organizations, financial organizations, experts, industry representatives, as well as a number of representatives of the countries participating in the GBP (Green Bridge Program), etc.

The main purpose of the event is to promote the accelerated implementation of "green" projects aimed at preserving the quality of the natural environment in the country, improving the well-being of people, improving their lives and developing their personal potential, increasing the birth rate, average life expectancy and reducing the mortality of the population.

The meeting was moderated by Gulzhan Tursunova, director of the Department of ecology of the Kazakhstan Association of regional initiatives" EcoJer".

Opening the event, Nuray Satimov, director of the Department of service operator of "green" technologies, noted that the processes of greening finances taking place in the economies of many countries, despite their difficulties and difficulties, are clear and inevitable. "In his welcoming speech, he noted that our country, being the initiator of the Partnership Program" "Green Bridge"", aimed at establishing reliable contacts between the participants, namely the exchange of knowledge, experience, Technologies - demonstrates its commitment to the global climate agenda."

It should be noted that one of the initiatives carried out by Kazakhstan, which can become a starting point for greening the economy, is the introduction of the best available technologies within the framework of environmental and industrial policy, as well as the improvement of the system of state regulation on the basis of PR. The draft law will be introduced gradually until 2025, including through the issuance of comprehensive environmental permits, the establishment of tasks for assessing the impact of industrial processes, the reform of national standards and standards in the field of emissions, as well as the creation of economic incentives.  This was stated by the head of the OKD Bureau, Nao "International Center for green technologies and investment projects" Bauyrzhan Abenov.

According to the speaker, in order to stimulate the transition of enterprises to SD, state support measures are needed to mobilize significant financial resources in order to carry out technical re-equipment, modernization and ensure compliance with the requirements of SD.

In addition, within the framework of the webinar, Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Institute of Economic Research" Kuanysh Beisengazin discussed with the participants of the online meeting the strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to achieve carbon neutrality until 2060. In his speech, he also dwelled in detail on the decarbonization of industry and agriculture, transport.

The environmental policy of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK) was presented by DBK environmental specialist Yerbolan Belgibekov.

In turn, chief expert of the Department of integration and Cooperation, Regional Association of environmental initiatives "EcoJer" Alan Bokayev told the audience of the webinar about the use of taxonomy by enterprises in the international community, in particular in Europe, China and Russia.

"According to the speaker," "green "" projects are defined on the basis of the approved classification (taxonomy), aimed at improving the efficiency of using existing natural resources, reducing the negative impact on the environment, improving energy efficiency, energy saving, mitigating the effects of climate change and adaptation to climate change."

 As a result, the participants noted the real importance of the topics raised at the webinar, exchanged views and received comprehensive answers to their questions from the speakers.

Green financing mechanisms as a factor in the development of the “green” economy of Kazakhstan Green financing mechanisms as a factor in the development of the “green” economy of Kazakhstan
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