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GREEN WEBINAR: Sustainable agroecosystems

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An online webinar on "Sustainable agroecosystems" was held at the GREEN WEBINAR platform of the STD office, STC and the Green Bridge Institute of the International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Center. The webinar was moderated by the Head of the office of STD, STC and GBI Gulbazar Mediyeva.

The seminar was attended by more than 170 representatives from a wide range of Kazakhstani organizations specializing in agriculture, agro-industrial complex, including "NASEC" NCJSC, "Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture and Plant Growing", "Biodiversity Conservation Fund of Kazakhstan", as well as from major agricultural universities of the country.

When opening the event Gulbazar Mediyeva noted that the agro-industrial sector is one of the key sectors of the economy of Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, according to the moderator, there are several problems that need to be solved in the field of agriculture, including from the point of view of ecology.

"The application of new agricultural technologies should be accompanied by a rational approach, and most importantly, should not harm the environment. As a result, the development of agriculture with the use of scientific achievements can become not only a driver of economic growth, but also lead to a reduction in the negative impact on the environment and climate change," she added

In his welcoming speech, Professor and Director of the International Business School of Lincoln University (UK) Simon Lilley noted the importance of the use of agroecosystems in the era of sustainable development and climate change.

Oleg Arkhipkin, a member of the STC expert group, chief Specialist of the Department of Analytics and Modeling of "Zhasyl Damu" JSC, spoke about the potential for the development of biogas energy in Kazakhstan, as well as about the advantages of using biogas. According to him, the capacity of biogas power plants in 2020 reached 145 GW, which is 6 times more than the installed capacity of Kazakhstan's power plants.

In turn, the General Director, international expert and consultant of the International Center for Biogas and Bioenergy Competence, Michael Koettner (Germany), shared about the latest technological developments in the field of digestate processing, as well as the results of the NoAW project.

Stefan Roesel (Germany), an international specialist in strategic sales at UGT GmbH, shared his developments on soil, hydrological and related scientific issues. In his speech, he presented the "Ecotron" equipment, built on fences, where ecosystems allow to simultaneously monitor environmental conditions and measure ecosystem processes online.

Tim Tijsma, Manager for Energy and Sustainable Development at Van der Hoeven Harticultural Projects B.V, spoke about the implemented projects in the field of agroecosystem in Kazakhstan, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan, as well as their contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture.  In his speech, he stressed the need to consider the individual characteristics of the country when introducing this technology.

Special attention was paid to the management tools for the sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex in the speech of Timur Kogabayev – PhD in sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, and innovation management. In his speech, he presented the concept of a business model that can be used in the agro-industrial complex of the regions of Kazakhstan to ensure sustainable development.

Professor of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin in the field of agriculture and crop production Gani Stybayev talked about the state of feed production in Kazakhstan and the management of phytocenoses on pastures with an increase in the stability of their productivity.

Zhumabek Bakhov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Ecology of the Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S.Seifullin, presented the prospects for the development of eco-friendly production of protein feeds for farm animals.

At the end of the webinar, the participants were able to ask interesting questions and get comprehensive answers to them.

For reference: "Green Webinar" is an educational platform of the "IGTIPC" NJSC created in 2020 to clarify information in the field of "green" economy, ecology, "green" innovative technologies and BAT. This project has established itself as a successful leading educational platform that has gathered an audience of more than 3,000 people. The author of the GREEN WEBINAR project is Mediyeva Gulbazar, the Head of the STD, STC Office and the Green Bridge Institute of the "IGTIPC" NJSC.

GREEN WEBINAR: Sustainable agroecosystems GREEN WEBINAR: Sustainable agroecosystems
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