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The application for participation in the Technical Working Groups is open

By the new Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated January 2, 2021, No. 400-VI, the International Green Technologies and Investment Projects Center announces the start of the application process of Technical Working Groups members (hereinafter - TWG). 

The TWG will include the state’s, industry’s, non-governmental organizations’ and environmental associations’ representatives, the scientific community, and others. 

TWGs are formed for the following BREFs: 

  • Horizontal BREF “Energy efficiency in the implementation of economic and (or) other activity”
  • Horizontal BREF “Fuel combustion in large plants for energy production”
  • BREF “Cement and lime production”
  • BREF “Production of inorganic chemicals”
  • BREF “Oil and gas refining”
  • BREF “Oil and gas mining”
  • BREF “Aluminum production”
  • BREF “Zinc, lead and cadmium production”
  • BREF “Copper production”
  • BREF “Precious metal production”
  • BREF “Iron, steel and ferroalloy production”
  • BREF “Production of products for further processing of ferrous metals”
  • BREF “Mining and processing of iron ores” 
  • BREF “Mining and processing of non-ferrous metal ores (including precious metals)”.

Selection is based on the technical, economic, environmental, or legislative expertise of candidates. Also, candidates need to meet qualification requirements (technologist, ecologist, heat power engineer, energy efficiency specialist, water resources specialist, industrial safety specialist, sanitary and hygienic standards specialist, environmental management specialist), including:

- Higher education. 

- At least 5 years of work experience. 

- Understanding of technological processes, standards, and environmental aspects.

- A scientific or academic degree (Doctor in the field), academic title (for representatives of universities and research institutes).

- Participation in projects on environmental design and rate-setting (for representatives of design organizations).

Please follow the link below for an official application: 


Please note that applications are accepted until February 23, 2021. 


  • Zhanibek Baktygali, BAT Bureau Project Office. 

Contacts: +7 7172 799936, z.baktygali@igtipc.org 

  • Kamshat Bazhirova, BAT Bureau - Production of cement, lime, and inorganic chemicals. 

Contacts: +7 778 401 6060, k.bazhirova@igtipc.org 

  • Vladimir Kim, BAT Bureau - Fuel combustion.

Contacts: +7 777 473 6414, vmk555@gmail.com 

  • Sayasat Imambaev, BAT Bureau - Oil and Gas Refining. 

Contacts: +7 7172 793-235, s.imambayev@igtipc.org 

  • Abylai Aliyev, BAT Bureau - Ferrous metallurgy. 

Contacts: +7 7172 797-792, a.aliyev@igtipc.org 

  • Zhuldyz Karakushikova, BAT Bureau - non-ferrous metallurgy. 

Contacts: +7 7172 799-924, zh.karakushikova@igtipc.org 

  • Assel Shakhanova, BAT Bureau - non-ferrous metallurgy. 

Contacts: +7 7172 799-934, a.shakhanova@igtipc.org 

The application for participation in the Technical Working Groups is open The application for participation in the Technical Working Groups is open
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